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The Ultimate No-Code AI Platform for Knowledge Management and Customer Engagement.

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CustomGPT is revolutionizing business operations by offering a powerful no-code AI platform that centralizes knowledge management and enhances customer engagement. With its robust capabilities and user-friendly interface, CustomGPT streamlines data organization, boosts employee efficiency, and provides data-driven insights for growth and success. From knowledge management to customer engagement, CustomGPT serves as an indispensable resource for businesses across various domains.


CustomGPT is designed to transform the way businesses manage knowledge and interact with information, offering a comprehensive solution for data organization and accessibility. Its primary objective is to enhance the effectiveness of customer service, sales, and marketing strategies while improving employee efficiency through simplified information retrieval and utilization. With its unique features and capabilities, CustomGPT empowers businesses to optimize their operations and leverage data-driven insights for success.

CustomGPT caters to a diverse audience of businesses seeking to streamline knowledge management and enhance customer engagement:

Enterprise Organizations: Improve internal knowledge sharing, customer service effectiveness, and sales strategies with CustomGPT's powerful AI platform.

Small and Medium-sized Businesses: Enhance customer engagement, streamline data organization, and boost employee efficiency without the need for complex coding.

Customer Service Teams: Access relevant information quickly and efficiently to provide timely and accurate support to customers.

Sales and Marketing Professionals: Leverage data-driven insights for targeted sales and marketing strategies, improving customer engagement and conversion rates.

Main Use Cases:

Knowledge Management: Onboarding & Training, Internal Search Tool, Competitive Analysis.

Topic Research: Customer Service, Engagement Analytics, Help Center Optimization.

Customer Engagement: Research Assistance, Content Analysis, Site Search.

Unique Value Propositions:

Most Accurate AI Platform: Utilizes Anti-Hallucination Technology for accurate responses and insights.

Wide Document Compatibility: Ingests 1400+ types of documents, totaling over 60 Million Words, ensuring comprehensive data coverage.

Multi-Language Support: Supports 92 different languages for global accessibility and inclusivity.

Scalable Deployment Options: Deploy AI agents as live chat, embedded on websites, via SGE, API, or as AI assistants for flexible usage.

Citations in Responses: Ensures accuracy and credibility by including citations in responses.

SOC-2 Compliance: Adheres to SOC-2 compliance standards, ensuring data security and confidentiality.

Real-World Examples:

A large enterprise utilizes CustomGPT to streamline internal knowledge sharing and competitive analysis, improving operational efficiency and decision-making processes. Meanwhile, a small business integrates CustomGPT's AI-powered chatbot on their website to provide instant support to customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention rates.

CustomGPT is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to optimize knowledge management and customer engagement. Whether you're a large enterprise or a small business, CustomGPT empowers you to streamline operations, improve customer interactions, and drive growth with its powerful AI platform. Say goodbye to complex coding and hello to simplified knowledge management and customer engagement with CustomGPT.

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