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Intelligent Spelling and Grammar Auto-Corrector Powered by Deep Learning.


NeuroSpell is a state-of-the-art spelling and grammar auto-corrector leveraging the power of Deep Learning. With support for over 30 languages, NeuroSpell goes beyond traditional correction tools by offering a Dictaphone (Speech-to-Text) feature for all supported languages. Tailor NeuroSpell to your specific needs through training for in-domain vocabulary, phrasing, and error corrections.

Multilingual Support:

Available in more than 30 languages, ensuring a global reach for users around the world.

Dictaphone (Speech-to-Text):

Seamlessly convert spoken words into written text for all supported languages.

Enhance efficiency by dictating your thoughts and having them converted accurately.

Customizable Training:

Train NeuroSpell for specific in-domain vocabulary, phrasing, and error corrections.

Tailor the tool to align with your unique writing style and industry-specific terminology.

Human-in-the-Loop Charge Optimization:

Optimize correction suggestions through human feedback, improving accuracy over time.

Achieve a dynamic learning process that adapts to user preferences and language nuances.

Text-Stream Improvement/Enrichment:

Enhance the overall quality and coherence of written text with NeuroSpell's improvement algorithms.

Elevate the clarity and readability of your documents effortlessly.

Writing Aid:

Receive real-time suggestions and aids for improving writing style, structure, and overall coherence.

Proofreading RPA:

Integrate NeuroSpell into automated proofreading processes for efficient error detection and correction.

Streamline your workflow with robotic process automation dedicated to enhancing text quality.

Customer-Workflow Inputs Enrichment:

Improve customer communication and documentation by enriching inputs with accurate spelling and grammar.

Speech-to-Text Enhancement:

Enhance the accuracy of speech-to-text conversion, ensuring fidelity to spoken words.

OCR Error Correction:

Correct errors in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) results, ensuring accurate text representation.

Privacy and Security:

NeuroSpell prioritizes user privacy and ensures secure handling of sensitive information during text processing.

Unleash the Power of Intelligent Text Correction:

Upgrade your writing experience with NeuroSpell's advanced features designed to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and overall text quality.

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