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AI Decision-Making Tool for Informed Choices.

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Explore Rationale, the cutting-edge AI decision-making tool designed to assist business owners, managers, and individuals in making rational decisions. With advanced GPT models and in-context learning algorithms, Rationale provides a comprehensive analysis, including pros and cons, SWOT analysis, multi-criteria analysis, and causal chain analysis. Make informed decisions effortlessly with quick results in just 10 seconds.

AI Decision-Making Tool:

Leverage state-of-the-art GPT models and in-context learning algorithms for informed decision-making.

4 Decision-Analysis Techniques:

Effortlessly generate cost-benefit decision analysis, Pros & Cons list, SWOT analysis, multi-option analysis, and causal chain analysis.

Personalized Analysis:

Utilize personalized information about you and your company to deliver more accurate and tailored analyses.

Customizable Tone:

Customize the tone of the analysis to align with your context and preferred narrative, making it more relatable and effective.

Continuous Learning:

AI learns from your decisions, continuously improving over time for more accurate and personalized results.

Quick Result in 10s:

Receive high-quality analysis reports in just 10 seconds, saving you time and effort.


Access analysis in your preferred language, facilitating comprehensive decision-making.

API & Data Access:

API access to our AI engine, export your data to common formats, allowing seamless integration into your applications.

Joan & Max, Heads of Engineering:

"As Heads of Engineering at a fast-pacing startup, we're always under pressure to make tough decisions. With Rationale, we can quickly input our pending decision and receive a comprehensive analysis to help us make informed choices."

Achievement System:

No credit card required. Free plan offers you 20 credits once logged in. Unlock achievements to earn more free credits.

What's New:

Causal Chain Analysis: Explore outcomes in a tree-like structure, showcasing up to 3 levels of outcomes.

Contextual Analysis: Create personalized profiles for more accurate and personalized analyses.

Multi-Option Analysis: Solve indecisiveness with a detailed list of comparisons for multiple options.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Evaluate decisions comprehensively with the integration of SWOT analysis and Pros & Cons analysis.

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