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Public Prompts

Public Prompts
Diverse AI-Powered Creative Inspirations for Everyone.


Explore the vast collection of Publi| Prompts at Public Prompts, a unique platform offering a wide array of creative prompts, models, and embeddings. Whether you're an artist, designer, or simply curious about AI-generated content, our diverse range of prompts has something for everyone.

Why Public Prompts?

Public Prompts serves as a hub for creative inspiration, providing a curated selection of prompts that cover various themes, from Cute Stuffed Animals and Needle Felted Objects to Space Holograms and Low Poly Creatures. This platform aims to democratize access to AI tools and knowledge, aligning with the mission of CompVis and Stability AI.

Key Features:

Diverse Categories: Public Prompts boasts an extensive library featuring categories like Cute Stickers, 3D Characters, Surreal Micro Worlds, and more. Each category offers a unique set of prompts to spark creativity.

User-Friendly Interface: Easily browse and explore the site to find the perfect prompt for your project. The user interface is designed for both beginners and seasoned artists, ensuring a seamless experience.

AI-Generated Models: Access cutting-edge AI models and embeddings to enhance your creative projects. Public Prompts keeps updating its offerings, staying at the forefront of technology.

Use Cases:

Artistic Inspiration: Artists and designers can find a wealth of inspiration for their projects, exploring various prompts and models to kickstart their creative process.

Educational Purposes: Public Prompts serves as a valuable resource for AI enthusiasts and students interested in learning more about AI-generated content and models.

Community Support: Join the Public Prompts Discord server for assistance with Stable Diffusion-related queries, from running AI locally to training models independently. Connect with like-minded individuals and contribute to a supportive community.

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