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Streamlined 3D Modeling Made Simple with Customizable Generators and Real-Time Optimization.

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Sloyd is a game-changing 3D modeling platform designed to streamline the creation process of 3D models. With a vast library of customizable generators, Sloyd empowers users to effortlessly create any 3D model they envision, catering to a wide range of styles and preferences. These models are not only quickly customizable but also come UV-unwrapped and optimized for real-time use, ensuring seamless integration into various projects. Additionally, Sloyd offers an SDK for real-time generation within game engines, along with comprehensive support resources such as FAQs, a Discord server, and other help and support channels.


Sloyd's primary purpose is to simplify and democratize 3D modeling by providing users with a user-friendly platform equipped with powerful generators. By offering a diverse range of pre-designed models that can be easily customized, Sloyd aims to streamline the modeling process and enable users to focus on creativity rather than technical complexities. Furthermore, by optimizing models for real-time use and providing an SDK for integration with game engines, Sloyd caters to the needs of game developers, designers, and creators seeking efficient and versatile modeling solutions.

Target Audience:

Sloyd is targeted towards game developers, designers, artists, and creators who are seeking a simplified and efficient solution for 3D modeling. This includes indie game developers, studios, graphic designers, architects, educators, and hobbyists looking to create high-quality 3D models for various applications, including games, animations, simulations, and visualizations.

Unique Features:

Vast Library of Customizable Generators: Sloyd offers a diverse range of generators that can be used to create virtually any 3D model, from characters and props to environments and architectural structures. Users can easily customize these generators to match their desired style and specifications, eliminating the need for extensive manual modeling.

UV-Unwrapped and Optimized for Real-Time Use: All models generated through Sloyd are UV-unwrapped and optimized for real-time use, ensuring seamless integration into game engines and other real-time applications. This optimization saves users valuable time and resources typically spent on manual UV unwrapping and optimization processes.

SDK for Real-Time Generation: Sloyd provides an SDK that allows for real-time generation of models within game engines, enabling developers to dynamically create and modify models during gameplay. This feature enhances flexibility and creativity in game development, allowing for dynamic content generation and procedural generation of assets.

Real-World Examples:

Game Development: An indie game developer is creating a fantasy adventure game and needs a variety of character models, props, and environmental assets. Using Sloyd's customizable generators, they can quickly generate and customize models such as characters, weapons, and trees to fit the game's aesthetic and style, speeding up the development process significantly.

Architectural Visualization: An architect is designing a virtual walkthrough of a residential building and requires realistic 3D models of furniture and interior decorations. With Sloyd's library of generators, they can easily generate and customize furniture models such as sofas, chairs, and tables, enhancing the visual appeal of the virtual walkthrough and providing clients with a realistic representation of the interior design.

Educational Simulation: A teacher is developing an educational simulation to teach students about historical landmarks and monuments. Using Sloyd's customizable generators, they can quickly generate 3D models of famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China, providing students with immersive visual representations and enhancing their learning experience.

Sloyd revolutionizes 3D modeling by offering a user-friendly platform equipped with customizable generators, UV-unwrapped models, and real-time optimization. With its vast library of generators and support for real-time generation within game engines, Sloyd provides game developers, designers, and creators with a streamlined and efficient solution for creating high-quality 3D models. Whether you're developing a game, designing architectural visualizations, or creating educational simulations, Sloyd empowers you to bring your creative visions to life with ease and efficiency.

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