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Turn Human Vision into a 3D Master Key with a Vision Secret and Keymoji Secret.

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Your Vision is a Password. Manage all of your Passwords with Your Visual Memories.

Get started with PicKey's 3D Master Keys and live Password-Free. Get started for FREE.

PicKay.ai is a novel, highly secure, Artificial Intelligence based Password Manager that uses Vision and Keymoji Secrets to secure your digital life.

Use AI to remember your passwords (MagicPass).

Jump start your Personal Cybersecurity by creating your first 3D Master Key, and leave it to PicKey.ai to Manage and Autofill all of your passwords for you.

All you need to remember is a vivid Vision Secret and your favorite, customizable Keymoji Secret; and you will never have to remember any password ever again.

For the first time ever ... Login is Fun.

PicKey.ai's Quantum Proof, 3D Master Keys bring Cybersecurity to everyone, with Gamified Multi-Factor Authentication.


PicKey.ai is a password-manager at heart. After you log-in to PicKey.ai with your 3D Master Key, it Manages and Autofills all of your passwords for you.


PicKey.ai uses State-Of-The-Art Artificial Intelligence vision algorithms; to turn anything you see, into a unique, computer generated memory. This is similar to human photographic memory. You can turn anything you see into a unique Vision Secret - your living room, your face, your backyard or even your favorite spot in the park. Place based Vision Secrets are more secure, as everyone knows your Face. (PicKey.ai still supports Face based 3D Master Keys.)


Keymojis are 3D characters appearing in Augmented Reality or 3D views, and are often animated with sound or music. Since Keymojis have no physical presence and are entirely virtual, we use them as private secrets and as secondary passwords.


The Vision and Keymoji Secrets together form a Master Key. When you create your Master Key, the Vision Secret is saved on your device for later use. We recommend that you use AI based 3D Master Keys to convert any place into your private Master Key, with a 3D Keymoji. These are more secure, random and anonymous than Face Login Systems.


Login to your PicKey.ai account from multiple Master Keys. We recommend creating at least two Master Keys to enable self-account recovery.


MagicPass is a novel, storage-free password. It is never stored on PicKey.ai infrastructure. MagicPass is created in real-time, using the neural memory of your Master Key and is burnt and destroyed after you use it. When you need your MagicPass password again, the same password value is resurrected using AI's neural memory. Since PicKey.ai never stores MagicPass, it is unavailable to any attacker and is highly secure.


- End to End Encryption on all devices

- OAuth2 Authentication

- Military Grade AES-256 Cypher

- Salted, multi-hashed and encrypted data at rest

- Each user has a unique encryption key and scheme

- Storage Free MagicPass passwords

- Quantum Proof 3D Master Keys

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