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AI-Powered Behavioral Health Solutions.

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Woebot for Adults is an innovative mental health tool designed to address the growing demand for mental health care. Uniquely combining human-designed empathy with AI technology grounded in science, Woebot serves as a powerful adjunct to clinical care, offering evidence-based behavioral health solutions at scale. It goes beyond digitizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), modeling the entire clinical journey to establish a lasting working alliance with users, providing potent and cost-effective mental health support.

Why Woebot for Adults:

Behavioral Health, at Scale: Woebot breaks down systemic constraints, providing equal access to mental health care.

Potent and Cost-Effective: Modeling the clinical journey, Woebot delivers insight and empathy inherent in human relationships.

Proven Value: High satisfaction ratings (97% at a major Integrated Delivery Network), with 72 million minutes of on-demand mental health support delivered.


Human-like Bond: Woebot establishes a non-inferior lasting bond similar to human therapists & patients.

Convenient Availability: 77% of conversations occur outside work hours, addressing a range of topics.

Case Study: Solving clinician shortage by scaling capacity without adding to burnout.

Use Cases:

Adjunct support outside traditional office hours.

Expanding access to care and improving patient satisfaction.

Integrated into Electronic Medical Record systems for streamlined clinician adoption.

Quadruple Aim - Tech for the Human Experience:

Woebot aligns with the quadruple aim, enhancing patient experience, improving population health, reducing costs, and addressing clinician burnout through technology.

Woebot Health Analysis:

High satisfaction ratings.

72 million minutes of on-demand support delivered.

Lasting bond establishment comparable to human therapists.

77% of conversations outside work hours.

AI-Powered Platform:

Woebot is the core of an AI-powered platform that systematically builds interventions. These interventions can be used independently, as an adjunct to traditional therapy, or customized based on specific organizational needs, equity gaps, and objectives.

Future Advancements:

Exciting exploration of AI/machine learning advances for potential future iterations, including large language models (LLMs), to leverage groundbreaking technology.

Disclaimer: Woebot for Adults, Woebot for Adolescents, Woebot for Maternal Health, and Woebot for Substance Use are not evaluated, cleared, or approved by FDA. They complement clinical care and are referred by clinicians.

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