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Facial Assessment Tool

Facial Assessment Tool
Transform Your Looks with Facial Assessments and AI Tools.

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Embark on a journey to enhance your physical appearance with QOVES, your ultimate destination for facial assessments and AI tools. Explore a range of services, including Facial Analysis Reports, Hairline Design Reports, Style Lookbooks, and more. 

Read insightful articles, listen to deep dives, and watch full interviews to gain a scientific understanding of looks. 

Discover how QOVES utilizes cutting-edge technology with its Facial Assessment Tool, analyzing 35,000 images based on 112 parameters across 7 races. Predicted race and age, cosmetic concerns, skin health, and detailed skin-related characteristics are just a few insights you'll uncover. Join the QOVES community in Sydney, Australia, and take the first step towards transforming your appearance.

Key Features:

Facial Assessment Tool: Upload your image in a frontal pose with a neutral expression and adequate lighting. Explore predicted race and age, skin health, dermatological skin scale, skin type details, and more.

AI Tools: Benefit from QOVES' advanced AI tools for cosmetic concerns, skin health, and dermatological analysis. Gain insights into your skin type based on Fitzpatrick, Bauman, Goldman, and Lancer scales.

Services: Access personalized services such as Facial Analysis Reports, Hairline Design Reports, Style Lookbooks, Frontal Face Morphs, and upcoming features like Photoshop Retouching.

Educational Content: Read through a collection of articles covering topics such as the importance of improving looks, ways to begin the journey, diagnosing aesthetic problems, mental health considerations, and effective beauty routines.

QOVES Laboratory: Dive deep into the QOVES Laboratory, where 35,000 images are analyzed based on 112 parameters across 7 races, offering a comprehensive understanding of facial aesthetics.



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