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Rulta is a DMCA takedown service that helps content creators protect their brand and content from copyright infringements.

Paid $109/mo

With daily scans and the issuance of DMCA takedown notices, Rulta ensures that unauthorized copies of your content are removed from the internet.

How to use rulta.com?

To use Rulta, simply sign up for an account and provide your username and keywords of your choice. Rulta's software will crawl the internet for copyright infringements related to your brand and content. Detected infringements will be flagged, and trained agents will issue DMCA takedown notices on your behalf to remove the infringing content.

rulta.com's Core Features

Daily scans for copyright infringements

Issuance of DMCA takedown notices

Comprehensive scans by trained agents

Detection and removal of infringing content

Close relationships with file hosting sites for quick takedowns

Membership in Google's Trusted Copyright Removal Program

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