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Effortless Machine Learning for Everyone.


Liner is your gateway to hassle-free machine learning. This free tool allows you to effortlessly train machine learning models without any coding or prior expertise. With a user-friendly interface, Liner takes your training data and provides you with an easily integrable ML model. Download the beta now and experience the future of machine learning in just a few clicks.

No Coding Required:

Liner eliminates the need for coding or extensive machine learning knowledge. Anyone can use it to train models effortlessly.

End-to-End Tool:

Liner is a comprehensive tool that covers the entire machine learning process, from importing data to deploying the trained model.

Easy Steps to AI App:

Import your data, let Liner choose an appropriate model, and seamlessly deploy it into your application.

Project Templates:

Choose from various ready-to-use machine learning types, including Image Classification, Text Classification, Audio Classification, Video Classification, Object Detection, Image Segmentation, and Pose Classification.

Optimized for Speed and Accuracy:

Liner employs state-of-the-art models for fast and accurate training. Models are optimized to work efficiently on CPUs without the need for GPUs.

Edge Optimized:

Trained models can be deployed on mobile and edge devices, supporting various platforms.

How It Works?

Import Data:

Easily import your data into Liner or use a pre-labeled dataset.

Start Training:

With a simple button press, Liner automatically selects an appropriate model and trains it.

Deploy Model:

Export your trained model to multiple platforms and seamlessly integrate it with your application.


Image Classification

Text Classification

Audio Classification

Video Classification

Object Detection

Image Segmentation

Pose Classification

Download Liner:

Available for both Windows and Mac.

Completely free to use.

Data Privacy:

Your data is secure and never leaves your computer.

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