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Market Mapper

Market Mapper
The Ultimate Indicators Tool for Trading.

Paid $29/mo

Find the best trades using auto analysis & insights of the most popular indicators used by top day-traders.

Stay One Step Ahead With Market Mapper. The Platform for Every Trader.

Expand your trading knowledge & strategies by learning about new price indicators and trading techniques. Every insight for every indicator is explained and guides you towards your next trade.


One of the strongest and most illusive price indicators out there. Automatically detected divergences on Market Mapper are eyed using Web3 + AI that look for higher/lower highs/lows and opposite price to indicator trends.


Relative Strength Index (RSI) & Awesome Oscillator chart indicators are often used by traders to understand buy/sell momentum of a coin. They both can be used to predict price movements, especially when they are over extended.

Moving Averages

Chart indicators like MA, EMA and SMA show a smoothed out line of a coin's price action. Traders use them to predict critical buy/sell points on the chart. Our breakdown shows the coins with the largest potential for movement based on this data.

Support/Resistance Levels

Crucial price levels of interest, used by traders to detect 'safe' entry/exit points and more. Our price action breakdown gives you sortable lists of coins based on price proximity to support/resistance levels and much more.

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