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Website with generated content for user entertainment.


BoredHumans.com is a website that offers a wide variety of artificial intelligence (AI) programs for free use online. These programs include AI games, fake people, computer-generated art, machine learning demos, and more.

The website claims to have created 100 fun AI pages that users can explore. The specific AI programs offered on the website include an AI Image Generator, AI Rap Battles, Crazy Images, AI Article Writer, Lyrics Generator, Fake People, Falling Sand, Movie Musicals, Celebrity AI Chat, Insult Battle, Dating Simulator, Joke Battle, TV Episode Generator, Celeb Lookalike, AI Farts, Quote Generator, AI-Generated Podcasts, Video Game Ideas, Haiku, Movie Plot Generator, AI Music, Text Adventure Game, Heavy Metal Lyrics Generator, Deepfake Videos, Marriage Simulator, AI Art Database, Academic Paper Generator, Anime Stories, Poetry Generator, Photo Blender, Happy Moments, New Words, Life Simulator Game, AI Dreams, Band Name Generator, Movie Montage Maker, Anagram Generator, Wrestling Match, Business Ideas, Meme Generator, Story Generator, Impossible Animals Game, Baby Name Generator, Fortune Cookies, Get Yelled at, Waifu Images, Invention Generator, Neural Style Transfer, Superhero Name Generator, Face Animation, Confessions, Writing Prompts, NFT Search Engine, Hair Style Changer, Age Progression, ML Datasets, Text-to-Speech (TTS), Image Captioning, Object Detection, Super Resolution, Image Background Removal, Logo Maker, Chat Bot, Travel Guide, Text Summarization Tool, Text Paraphrasing Tool, AI Transcription, Grammar Checker Tool, Text Improvement Tool, Tarot Card Readings, Dystopia, Virtual Pets, Interior Design, Sketch Game.

These programs use AI technology to generate music, art, poetry, text, games, images, videos, and other fun content.

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