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Instant 3D Avatar Creator for Seamless Digital Experiences.

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Elevate your digital presence with in3D – a revolutionary mobile character creator that transforms your video selfie into a realistic 3D avatar within just one minute. No prior 3D design skills required – just use your phone's camera to bring your digital persona to life. Export your fully rigged 3D model in popular formats such as FBX, GLB, or USDZ, and seamlessly integrate it into various 3D environments.

Key Features:

Effortless Creation: Generate a lifelike 3D avatar with a simple video selfie, eliminating the need for complex 3D design expertise.

Mobile Character Creator: Craft your avatar on the go using the in3D app, accessible directly from your smartphone.

Virtual Try-On: Experiment with different outfits virtually, allowing you to visualize and choose your style effortlessly.

Animation Capabilities: Bring your avatar to life by animating it within the app, enhancing your digital interactions.

AR Experiences: Immerse yourself in augmented reality with your personalized 3D avatar for unique and engaging encounters.

Avatar Sharing: Share your digital identity with friends, enabling them to interact with your avatar on their own devices.

Flexible Export Options: Export your avatar in multiple formats (GLB, FBX, USDZ, MetaHuman, Character Creator) for seamless integration into a variety of 3D software and environments.

MetaHuman Transformation: Easily convert your avatar into a MetaHuman with a straightforward export feature directly within the app.

Use Cases:

Content Creation: Export your 3D avatar to Blender, Character Creator, Unity, Unreal Engine, CLO 3D, or any other 3D software to create captivating videos, games, or immersive digital content.

Virtual Fashion: Try on virtual clothing to explore different styles before making fashion decisions.

Social Interaction: Share your 3D avatar with friends for fun and engaging social interactions, fostering a unique and personalized digital presence.

Transform your selfie into a dynamic digital identity with in3D – where creativity meets simplicity.

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