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Yoodli AI

Yoodli AI
Elevate Your Communication with AI Speech Coaching.

Freemium $8/mo

Step into 2024 with the confidence of a true leader! Unleash the power of effective communication with Yoodli, your personal AI Speech Coach. Use code CONFIDENT2024 to enjoy a 20% discount on your subscription!

Why Yoodli?

Yoodli is your go-to solution to excel in various communication scenarios, such as online meetings, job interviews, work presentations, sales calls, and public speaking engagements. It's your personalized, real-time, and judgement-free coaching companion, harnessing the capabilities of AI to enhance your speech just like Grammarly does for writing.

Key Features:

Private, real-time coaching

Judgement-free feedback

AI-powered improvement suggestions

Seamless integration for online meetings and presentations

Personalized performance reports

Use of advanced algorithms for speech enhancement

Use Cases:

Public Speaking: Boost your confidence and delivery skills for any public speaking event.

Interview Preparation: Ace your job interviews with tailored feedback and practice sessions.

Online Meetings: Navigate virtual meetings with poise and impact.

Crucial Conversations: Prepare for and excel in important, high-stakes discussions.

For Toastmasters: Enhance your Toastmasters experience with targeted coaching.

Cases of Usage:

Professionals preparing for pivotal presentations

Job seekers honing interview skills

Business teams improving communication for virtual collaborations

Individuals looking to enhance overall public speaking abilities

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