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Your Fundraising Copilot for Seamless Investor Relations.

Freemium $44/mo

Finta A.I. is your indispensable fundraising copilot, automating your end-to-end workflow and letting you focus on the vital task at hand: cultivating robust investor relationships. Whether you're a founder seeking investments or an investor aiming to streamline your processes, Finta A.I. has you covered.

Tracker CRM with GPT-Powered Automation:

Experience the world's first GPT-powered CRM, tailor-made for forging meaningful investor interactions. Let AI personalize your email scripts, driving your funnel forward effortlessly.

Investor Database and Prospecting:

Utilize Finta A.I. to automatically identify the most suitable investors for your company's offering, leveraging your deal information.

Deal Rooms for Seamless Transactions:

Create a shareable deal link, providing investors with a private space to commit and send funds. Simplify deal management with Finta's CRM mission control.

Investment Processing Made Easy:

Securely accept investment fund transfers within your deal room through ACH, check, or wire, streamlining the investment processing journey.

Cap Table Management:

Activate your investors and advisors with comprehensive cap table management, supporting multiple classes of shares, employee stock option pools, convertibles, warrants, and more.

Virtual Data Room for Due Diligence:

Share diligence documents securely through your deal room, complete with real-time notifications, security permissions, and insights into investor activity.

What Founders Are Saying:

"Finta helped us close almost $100k of our investor pipeline in just our first 24 hours of using their software." - Katerina Dimitratos, Founder

Ready to Elevate Your Fundraising?

Join the ranks of satisfied founders and investors who've witnessed the transformative power of Finta A.I. Start your journey today for free!

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