2 minutes to read - May 17, 2023
AI-powered support tool for creating virtual assistants to reduce customer ticket volume.

Paid $29/mo

Bubbly is an AI tool that empowers users to create their own virtual assistant for their product or service in a few simple steps. By integrating a GPT3 AI Bot onto their website or internal dashboard, users can enhance their customer support capabilities and reduce the need for manual responses from their customer success team.

Key Features:

AI-powered virtual assistant: Create a virtual assistant powered by GPT3 to answer customer queries.

Reduced customer ticket volume: Decrease the number of customer tickets by up to 30% within a week.

Easy integration: Seamlessly integrate the AI Bot onto websites or internal dashboards with a single line of JavaScript.

Personalized customization: Collaborate with the Bubbly team to customize the virtual assistant as per specific needs.

Use Cases:

Enhancing customer support: Improve customer support capabilities by integrating an AI-powered virtual assistant.

Reducing manual responses: Decrease the need for manual responses from the customer success team by leveraging the virtual assistant.

Personalizing the onboarding experience: Create a tailored onboarding experience for users through the customization options provided by Bubbly.

Experience the power of Bubbly, the AI-powered support tool that enables businesses to reduce customer ticket volume and provide efficient support through virtual assistants. With its easy-to-use interface, seamless integration, and personalized customization options, Bubbly empowers businesses to enhance their customer support capabilities and streamline their operations.

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