2 minutes to read - Mar 21, 2023
Deliver faster, richer experiences to your customers with omnichannel messaging, a unified customer view, and AI-powered automations. All with Kustomer, now part of Meta.

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Experience unprecedented customer support through Kustomer's AI-Powered Conversational CRM, where intelligence seamlessly connects with customer data to provide a proactive and efficient service. Trusted by the world's most innovative brands, Kustomer's platform serves as a smart and simple, all-in-one connected service platform, storing conversations, tickets, data, orders, and customer information natively.

Introducing the new AI Chatbot, KIQ Customer Assist, a next-gen customer service bot that enhances business efficiency by 45%. Utilizing sophisticated AI language models, it automatically resolves customer issues with safe, accurate, and conversational answers, as evidenced by a 10% increase in chat conversations handled without agent interaction on day one.

Revolutionize customer understanding with the CRM & Timeline feature, empowering agents with a unified customer view across all channels. Maximize customer engagement and deliver hyper-personalized service by leveraging the magic of data.

With proactive support, use data to anticipate and address customer needs before they reach out, confidently minimizing inbound support volume. Discover the benefits of proactive support and why 84% of requests are automatically resolved with Kustomer, as highlighted in the case study.

Are you ready to unveil the magic of customer experience through the perfect blend of AI, data, and CRM? Explore how AI + Data + CRM equals customer magic with Kustomer.

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