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Create unique digital art via collages & spliced images.


Artbreeder is a collaborative tool that utilizes AI to enable users to create images. With a substantial user base, Artbreeder offers a range of tools that harness the power of artificial intelligence.

The Mixer tool allows users to generate unique images by blending multiple images and text inputs. The Collager tool enables the creation of images using simple shapes, images, and text.

By splicing images and manipulating their genes, users can create portraits, landscapes, and more using the Splicer tool. Additionally, Artbreeder provides the Outpainter tool, which allows users to expand on existing images created within the platform.

This description emphasizes Artbreeder's collaborative nature, highlighting the ability for users to create images together. The use of AI in the various tools is mentioned, but buzzwords and marketing language are avoided.

The description also avoids mentioning specific numbers, which could change over time. It focuses on the functionality and features of each tool, providing a clear overview of what users can expect from Artbreeder.

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